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Do you…

… conduct training with material that you own?

… regularly send written materials to a large number of recipients?

… constantly handle new versions of your published material?

… think that publication on paper is starting to feel old?

If the answer is ”Yes” in any of the questions above – then inStudy could be the solution.

We offer your company or organization a solution for distribution and access to your educational or information material. Our platform is suitable for course materials, instruction manuals, regulations, articles or other materials. Your customers or users, use our digital reading and learning environment to access your content, where they get access to features such as the ability to search, making notes, highlights, and more.

InStudy has for several years been working with digital learning in the Swedish university and college world. We have developed a concept for digital publishing and consumption of study material, and we are now ready to use our experience for the benefit of companies and organizations as well.

With our solution, you can control who can see and read what material, and even mix open material with the material that you want to charge for. Content can be organized and grouped according to your training courses, subject areas, or other properties.

We produce statistics on how your content is used, and can thus give you valuable information like which material is the most popular, but also on your customers reading habits.

We work with modern technology and open formats. It gives you the opportunity to further develop your material with, for example, embedded videos, links to material on the Internet or interactive content.