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Are you tired of carrying books? Fed up with the amount of time it takes to get hold of what you need to study? Does your bank account dry up at the start of each course, because you have to pay for all your studying materials at once?

Go digital! Access what you need online, anywhere at anytime on any device. Keep control of your economy with our monthly payment plan.

inStudy provides a digital study environment where you have access to your books, compendiums, articles, notes, etcetera, in one place. Access is easy and user friendly whether it’s on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Since the study environment is online, you can easily switch between devices and keep on studying where you left off.

inStudy provides you with functionality for enhancing your studies, combining traditional techniques with new digital possibilities. In one environment you can take notes, underline, search within books or use our seamless net-search functionality and collaborate with your friends. These are only some examples available to you.

inStudy provides a monthly payment plan, leaving you with the possibility to plan your economy. The days of running out of money due to expensive books at the start of a course are a thing of the past. And it’s environment friendly too!

You invest in your future by studying. inStudy wants to help you achieve your goals through a clever solution adapted to you and your studies, regardless what courses you take or where you take them. Study in a smart way!

Interested? Make sure the material for your course is available when we launch the service! Contact inStudy and tell us what and where you study!