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Have you compiled your reading lists for your students yet? Copied any handouts? E-mailed all your students what books they should get? Made some powerpoint presentations or PDF’s? Have you wondered if your students will get all of the above on time for class which starts soon? Do you have several classes to prepare for?

Are you administrating books and materials more than focusing on actual teaching?

We know a lot of teachers are dealing with these issues. Shouldn’t it be simpler to do all this in today’s digital landscape? We think so!

inStudy’s solution offers efficient management and distribution of study materials. You have the possibility to mix different types of materials, such as books and compendiums, with video clips, presentations and photos. Our solution makes access management easy to your material using access control and version updates. inStudy provides the possibility for you to charge for your material and also to ensure that only those who have paid for the material have access.

You can mix charged material with non-charged, either as subscriptions or one-off payments. Having control of the access of the material, all the time.

Students are offered a complete learning environment and as a teacher, inStudy provides the opportunity to follow up the learning experience. We can provide you with statistics on use, the possibility to post practice questions and use discussion forums, where you can meet your students outside of the classroom at inStudys Meeting Place.

To learn more of how inStudy supports your students, read more here.